Get Receipt

Gets a proposal ballot receipt of the indicated voter.

Governor Alpha

function getReceipt(uint proposalId, address voter) returns (Receipt memory)
  • proposalId: ID of the proposal in which to get a voter’s ballot receipt.

  • voter: Address of the account of a proposal voter.

  • RETURN: Reverts on error. If successful, returns a Receipt struct for the ballot of the voter address.


GovernorAlpha gov = GovernorAlpha(0x123...); // contract address
Receipt ballot = gov.getReceipt(proposalId, voterAddress);

Web3 1.2.6

const proposalId = 11;
const voterAddress = '0x123...';
const result = await gov.methods.getReceipt(proposalId, voterAddress).call();
const { hasVoted, support, votes } = result;

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