Repay Borrow

Repays a borrowed Ethereum asset for the user or on behalf of another Ethereum address.

  • asset (string) A string of the asset that was borrowed (must be a supported underlying asset).

  • amount (number | string | BigNumber) A string, number, or BigNumber object of the amount of an asset to borrow. Use the mantissa boolean in the options parameter to indicate if this value is scaled up (so there are no decimals) or in its natural scale.

  • [borrower] (string | null) The Ethereum address of the borrower to repay an open borrow for. Set this to null if the user is repaying their own borrow.

  • noApprove (boolean) Explicitly prevent this method from attempting an ERC-20 approve transaction prior to sending the subsequent repayment transaction.

  • [options] (CallOptions) Call options and Ethers.js overrides for the transaction. A passed gasLimit will be used in both the approve (if not supressed) and repayBorrow or repayBorrowBehalf transactions.

  • RETURN (object) Returns an Ethers.js transaction object of the repayBorrow or repayBorrowBehalf transaction.

const onyx = new Onyx(window.ethereum);

(async function() {

  console.log('Repaying Usdc borrow...');
  const address = null; // set this to any address to repayBorrowBehalf
  const trx = await onyx.repayBorrow(Onyx.USDC, 32, address);

  console.log('Ethers.js transaction object', trx);


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